Waimea Country School celebrates Literacy Day

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From left, Arthur Taylor-Peralta, Anneli Suurkask and Alyssa Dunlap show their words during the celebration of Literacy Day at Waimea Country School. (COURTESY PHOTOS)
Myla Tsuji shows her word “precipitation” during the Vocabulary Parade at Waimea Country School on Feb. 28. (COURTESY PHOTOS)
Amy Salling, head of Waimea Country School, helps the audience guess Nico Delgado’s word during their Literacy Day celebration on Feb. 28. (COURTESY PHOTOS)
From left, India Wolfenberger, Chloe Willman, Minnow Benedict, Duncan McCarthy and Jai Oakland pose for a photo after the audience guesses their words during the Literacy Day celebration at Waimea Country School. (COURTESY PHOTOS)
From left, Kaze Mullen, Kyan Fredericks, Helene Baril, teacher Marcie Neubecker and Malia Mitchell display the words that match their costumes as part of the school’s Literacy Day activities. (COURTESY PHOTOS)
From left, students Eva Delgado, Ehukai Mehau and Brayden Cope, with Amy Salling, head of school, help the audience guess their words during the Waimea Country School event. (COURTESY PHOTOS)
From left, Iki Lincoln, Cameron Stuart, James Levitan, John Lindsey and Ethan Levine show their words to the audience made up of parents, family, fellow students and friends at Waimea Country School on Feb. 28 (COURTESY PHOTOS)

A Vocabulary Parade kicked off the Literacy Day celebration at Waimea Country School on Feb. 28. Students and teachers each chose an interesting vocabulary word and created a costume to personify the word. Students and faculty then paraded before an assembly of students, faculty, and parents who tried to guess their words.

Students enjoyed the challenge of the day. The words were largely selected from their curriculum, with the fourth through sixth grade students choosing words from one of their Greek and Latin vocabulary lists, such as astronomy, benign, and hyperactive.

Waimea Country School’s Literacy Day celebration coincided with the National Education Association’s Read Across America Day, designed to raise reading awareness by celebrating the birthday of Dr. Seuss each March 2. WCS students joined with students across the country to celebrate reading by engaging in a variety of activities, such as the Vocabulary Parade. Students in the second and third multiage class hosted a school-wide Word Market, inspired by their reading of “The Phantom Tollbooth” by Norton Juster.