HPA welcomes new faculty and staff

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From left, are HPA new faculty members  Laura Hawbaker, Phillip Cheng, Will Zucker, John Kilkenny and Patricia Kassis. (PHOTO COURTESY OF HPA FOR NHN)
<p>TOP: From left, are HPA new faculty members Janice Gail, Stephanie David-Chapman, Bonni Silver and Robin Scarth. Missing are Betsy Boland and Dina Strittmatter. (PHOTO COURTESY OF HPA FOR NHN)</p>

Hawaii Preparatory Academy’s new faculty and staff members for the 2013-2014 school year were among the hundreds of HPA ‘ohana members who gathered at Taylor Commons on Aug. 16 for Experience HPA, the school’s annual welcome back-to-school celebration, hosted by the HPA ‘Ohana Association.

New Upper Campus faculty and staff members are: Phillip Cheng, Chinese Mandarin; Laura Hawbaker, ESL; Pa’akaula Kalawaianui, bookstore; Patricia Kassis, math; John Kilkenny, social studies; Hui-Chun O’Leary, college counseling; Sarah Schorn, advancement/residential life; Bill Woitel, maintenance and Will Zuker, ceramics.

New Village Campus faculty and staff members are: Betsy Boland, middle school Spanish; Stephanie David-Chapman, middle school English; Janice Gail Naiditch, lower school art; Sarie Imonen, lower school educational assistant; Sarah Mares, lower school educational assistant; Robin Scarth, middle school social studies; Suzanne Shwedo, kindergarten educational assistant; Bonni Silver, middle school ESL; and Dina Strittmatter, sixth grade math.

HPA students in grades sixth through eighth returned to school on Tuesday, Aug. 20. Lower and Upper school classes began on Wednesday, Aug. 21.