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Waimea Nui regional project to top WCA June 6 town meeting

An exciting development project on approximately 166 acres of Hawaiian Homes Lands south of Kuhio Village that will address the cultural, economic and social needs of the Waimea area, especially the Hawaiian Homesteads, will be discussed by Mike and Tricia Hodson at Waimea Community Association’s Town Meeting at 5:15 p.m., Thurs., June 6 at Waimea School cafeteria.

Called Waimea Nui Region Community Development Initiative, the project includes 14 fundamental infrastructure projects to support and promote self sufficiency of the Waimea Homestead community and all of the people of Waimea.

Also on the agenda will be a legislative report by Rep. Cindy Evans, an update on North Hawaii Community Hospital and Kaheleaulani, the Native Hawaiian Health Clinic in the hospital, and also a briefing on planned unexploded ordnance removal work near Waimea’s Sandalwood subdivision during June.

All in the community are invited to WCA Town Meetings and there are no membership dues. Starbucks will provide fresh hot coffee, and food pantry donations are requested.

For information, call WCA President Sherman Warner (885-1725) or go to