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New candidate campaign spending app available in Hawaii

The Hawaii Campaign Spending Commission launched a new data visualization application on its website, which allows anyone to see how non-candidate committees, which include Super PACS, are raising and spending money on state and county races.

The new application will permit visitors to view charts of a non-candidate committee’s campaign spending data for a specific election period. Similar to the candidate committee app, which was released in November last year, the app will show pie charts, a geo-map and a bar chart from data derived from the non-candidate committees’ reports, which are filed electronically with the commission from the last six years.

The data visualization application includes: percentage of how contributions are funded; percentage of contributions received from in-state versus out-of-state. including geo-maps; percentage of contributions by states as well as zip codes; fundraising activity; contributions to candidates categorized by office; contributions to candidates categorized by party; percentage of expenditures by category; percentage of expenditures versus independent expenditures, and percentage of in-state versus out-of-state expenditures.

The new website is at