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HA!Man returns to the Waimea Town Market this Saturday

Francois le Roux, aka the HA!Man, will return to the Waimea Town Market at Parker School for a free concert this Saturday, Oct. 19, from 9 to 11 a.m. As an itinerant musician on the world stage for the last two decades, the HA!Man has crafted a special niche with his cello, keyboard and electronic accompaniments. Beginning with a classical musical background, he was appointed as a church organist at the age of 10, he developed his musical improvisation on the streets of his native South Africa. Audiences around the world have been treated to a journey of vibrant and highly emotive music that strikes a fresh tone and not easily described. Each performance is unique and cello tapping, whistling and singing can all become part of the happening. In addition to the concert, Woody Young will offer free ukulele lessons throughout the morning.