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Baybayan to offer upcoming Keck Astronomy talk at Kahilu Theatre

Chad Kalepa Baybayan will offer the upcoming Keck Astronomy talk, “He Lani Ko Luna — A Sky Above,” on Sept. 26, at Kahilu Theatre in Waimea. Baybayan is captain and navigator of the Hawaiian deep-sea voyaging canoes Hokule’a, Hawai’iloa, and Hokualaka’i. He’ll give a fascinating presentation on the history of oceanic wayfinding in the Pacific and the efforts to revitalize this once-dynamic maritime culture by exploring the symbiotic relationship between land, sea, sky, and people. He currently serves as the navigator in residence at ‘Imiloa. In 2007, Baybayan was initiated into the order of Pwo, a 2,000-year-old society of deep-sea navigators, by their teacher, Master Navigator Mau Piailug.

Other Keck Lectures in the series: October 24, Carey Lisse, “Comet ISON — A Sungrazing Comet From Around the Solar System,” and Nov. 21, Andrew Howard, “An Explosion of Exoplanets.”

These programs are free and open to the public, and made possible by support of the Keck Observatory Rising Stars Fund and the Rob and Terry Ryan Foundation. For more information contact Steve Jefferson, communications officer, at or 881-3827.