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‘Uncle Uke’ opens ukulele shop in Kings’ Shops

Local musician and luthier, Robert Yates, who is also known as “Uncle Uke,” is living a dream come true with the debut of his new store Hawaiian Ukulele and Guitar in Kings’ Shops.

By teaming up with fellow luthier Sam Li, Hawaiian Ukulele and Guitar is able to offer handcrafted instruments using only the finest solid tone woods and building them to exacting specifications and standards.

Located next to Tommy Bahama, the mission of the Hawaiian Ukulele and Guitar was to create a ukulele and guitar shop for everyone; from the most seasoned musician to the youngest beginner. One that offers fine handcrafted Hawaiian style ukulele and guitars made from the finest woods available at a price that is still affordable to the average enthusiast, as well as more moderately priced ukulele of high quality and playability making the joy of music accessible to people of all ages.