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Darien Gee
Darien Gee

Quote of the Week: “Forget about what you used to do. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for.” Jack LaLanne

Writing Exercise of the Week: Two people meet in a bar. After a few drinks and a bit of chemistry, they’re shocked to realize they’ve met before. When did they meet and what happened in the past? What’s going to happen in the future? Write for 20 minutes.

Here we go … 2014. What’s your New Year’s revolution?

You heard me right. I am over those darn resolutions. The word even sounds like surrender, like giving up. It’s flat and uninspired.

Some definitions: a resolution is a firm decision to do or not to do something while a revolution is a fundamental change from one structure to another, occurring over a relatively short period of time. You don’t drag out a revolution. Listen to the difference: a New Year’s resolution versus a New Year’s revolution. The latter is powerful and full of possibility.

Revolutions occur when people have had enough. Revolutions upend things. They shake things up, they stir the pot, they don’t bother with challenging but go straight to changing. Revolutions are about a shift, not later, but now. By the time you’ve figured out a revolution is going on, it’s almost over.

Revolutions are messy. Revolutions are not polite. If you’re happy with your life right now, then a revolution may not be in order. The need for a revolution doesn’t reside with those who are happy or content—just those ready for (and demanding) something better. It goes beyond desire or wishful thinking. If an area of your life has become untenable, then batten down the hatches—a revolution may be coming.

Books are full of revolutions. We are drawn into a story because we want to see how a character changes, how they make decisions in the face of crisis or challenge, even if it’s as simple as falling in love for the first time. What, you thought revolutions were all bloody and full of bayonets and Molotov cocktails? Sometimes. But more often than not revolutions are happening all around us, in our lives and the lives of others. Something has to change, and so it does. The change itself is not always what’s important—it’s how we respond or react that is.

Revolutions favor the prepared. Preparation doesn’t ensure success, but it can give you a leg up when things start happening. Taking stock now and looking at what needs to change in your life can make a big difference, because you can be proactive rather than reactive. In the right hands (like yours), revolutions are opportunities.

Go to the North Hawaii News Facebook page and tell us the kind of New Year’s revolution you hope to see in your life this year. We’ll choose one comment and include it in a future column. If you have a question about writing, feel free to post them, too, and I’ll do my best to answer or share my response in the column.

Darien Gee is a national bestselling author based in Waimea. She also writes under the name Mia King. Learn more at and, or visit Waimea Community Education at to register for Darien’s upcoming writing and publication workshops.