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Waimea town market, Parker School to host candidate talk-story this Saturday

Waimea Town Market and Parker School are hosting a candidate talk-story from 8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m., Saturday, July 26, at the market on the school’s grounds. The event provides an opportunity to meet and speak to the individuals who want to represent and serve North Hawai’i residents. With no speeches and no pressure, voters will have time to spend to spend time chatting with each candidate in a relaxed environment.

Candidates for all local offices have confirmed, including District 4 State Senate incumbent Malama Solomon and candidate Lorraine Inouye, and District 9 County Council incumbent Margaret Wille and candidates Ron Gonzales and

The event was organized by Paul Johnston, who manages the market. The market’s steering committee held its first talk-story two years ago after noting that campaign seasons offered many opportunities to hear the candidates, or to wave to them, or even to shake hands with them, but few chances to meet them face-to-face for long enough to develop any kind of rapport. Yet a number of these candidates will be elected, and will go on to make decisions that will have substantial impact on people’s lives.

Johnston said the committee wanted to provide a way once again for the public to meet candidates and decide: “Is this the person I want making decisions for me? Will this person remember who they represent and take the time to keep in touch?” Is this person truly committed to learning about and understanding complex issues, and do they have the ability to forge the relationships that will make things happen? Do they take my ideas and concerns seriously?”

In Hawai’i County, the primary election is important because all County races are now non-partisan. Candidates can and will be elected in the primary, so there won’t be another chance to vote for those offices.

Comfortable casual attire is suggested for Waimea Town Market, and layers are recommended since Waimea temperatures can range widely and mist or rain is always possible. For more information, call Johnston, 938-4540.