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Waikoloa Village Assocation needs ‘yes’ on proxy for new library land approval

Ruth Bernstone, president of Friends of the Library – Waikoloa Region from Waikoloa Village, is working to clarify a key component in the upcoming association vote on transferring a parcel of WVA land to the state of Hawaii to build a library.

For the past four years, The Friends of the Library – Waikoloa Region has been working with Representative Cindy Evans the Waikoloa Village Association and the State Librarian’s Office to bring a state library to Waikoloa.

Last year, Rep. Evans persuaded the legislature to pass the funding needed to begin the planning and design process, which is currently ongoing. The phase should be finished near the end of this year, or early 2015. A vote in favor of transferring a parcel of WVA land to the state of Hawaii for the purpose of building a library is critical. During the 2015 Legislative session, the funds needed to build the library will be requested and it will be necessary to show the land is available and ready for building.

The WVA board of directors unanimously approved the transfer with a reversion clause that the land and any improvements will revert to WVA if the library is not built or when no longer used by the state for a library. The issue requires a vote of Waikoloa Village Association members in attendance at the annual meeting.

The issue is on the proxy, not the ballot. To have the vote count, residents either need to attend the WVA annual meeting at Waikoloa School at 10 a.m. on Saturday, April 12, or mail in the proxy. Check one of the boxes at the top of the proxy to appoint a representative. Unless you attend the meeting or designate a proxy that will attend the meeting to vote “yes,” the vote will not be counted.

If you have questions or need a designee at the meeting to vote your proxy, contact or call Ruth Bernstone at 883-3809.