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It’s your thoughts that count

“I thought it was OK. I didn’t really consider it graffiti. It’s easily movable and made people’s hearts happy to write ‘in memory of,’ or ‘I’m here in Hawaii.’”

Kiki Kihoi, Waimea

“It used to have a lot of bad words and so it looked kind of trashy.”

Kimberly Finn, Waimea

“I think they should leave it because sometimes that is what people think and how they feel, and basically it goes against the freedom of speech.”

Johanna Marsh, Waimea

“It shouldn’t be there in the first place. People shouldn’t go out of their way to damage or bother other people’s property.”

Eloise Rodrigues, Pa’auilo

“I miss it because I’m not from this island, and I remember getting off the plane and that’s one of the first things I would see. It’s not something that’s dirty or bad for the environment.”

Bernie Marsh, Waimea