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Issues to include new Queen’s Health System Affiliation with NHCH and 2014 Legislative priorities

The recently formalized affiliation of Queen’s Health Systems and North Hawaii Community Hospital and preparation to support priority community projects during the 2014 State Legislature will top Waimea Community Association’s Town Meeting agenda from 5:15-7 p.m., Thursday, Jan. 9, in Waimea School cafeteria.

First on the agenda will be an update by Queen’s Health Systems’ CEO Art Ushijima about the recently confirmed affiliation with NHCH, a partnership that was approved by many residents in the North Hawaii community during a recent series of well-attended public meetings.

Next on the agenda will be a brief overview by Sen. Malama Solomon and Rep. Cindy Evans of the 2014 Legislative session, which will begin Wednesday, Jan. 15, (see the 2014 Legislative calendar here). Then, about 10 community projects or concerns ranging from public education to agricultural self-reliance, and from public infrastructure to recreational health/wellness facilities will be discussed. To ensure the community knows about how best to communicate support for these projects and programs to the Legislature, former Waimea State Rep. David Tarnas will review how to be an effective “citizen advocate.” This will include how to use the Legislature’s Public Access Room services and also the still-new Legislative website.

Also on the agenda will be the annual WCA election of officers. In even numbered years, positions up for election are WCA president and vice president. A nominating committee was appointed, as required by WCA ByLaws, and at the November 2013 Town Meeting proposed re-election of Sherman Warner as president and Patti Cook as vice president. No additional nominations were received from the floor, so, as prescribed by the ByLaws, nominations were closed, and the election is set for the January Town Meeting. Everyone present may vote in WCA elections.

All are invited to all WCA Town Meetings, and there is no charge, though donations are welcome to support association activities. Attendees are urged to either bring non-perishable food items or contribute via cash or check. Checks may be payable directly to the food pantry, so the donation is tax deductible to the extent permitted by law. To support our local Food Pantry, in addition to cash and checks (receipts available), KTA Sav-a-Tape receipts and Foodland Maika’i Rewards and any extra produce such as citrus, greens or avocados are welcome. For information, call WCA President Sherman Warner at 885-1725 or Patti Cook at 937-2833.