Island high school students gather at Honokaa High School for robotics competition on Aug. 24

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<p>Seated, students Adam Kaneshiro and Makayla King, serve as score keepers and computer screen operators backed by Eric Dela Cruz and Fern White at Saturday’s Robotics competition at Honokaa High School. The students learn many and varied skills building and operating the robots at school. (PHOTO BY JOCK GOODMAN| SPECIAL TO NHN)</p>
<p>Robot 1378b operated by the team of St. Joseph High School and Hilo High School is designed to pick up and place large balls over a barrier. The small green wheels at the top rotate to either gather or release the ball depending on direction and rotation. (PHOTO BY JOCK GOODMAN| SPECIAL TO NHN)</p>
<p>In match 35, robot 1056c, of Waiakea High School, drops three blue balls that it has gathered up from the arena and dumps them into the clear plastic tube for points. Waiakea lost to Hilo in this match, 51 to 23, at the robotics bout Saturday at Honokaa High School cafeteria. Hawaii is well respected nationwide in high school robotics competition. (PHOTO BY JOCK GOODMAN| SPECIAL TO NHN)</p>
<p>In match 36, the Waikea Intermediate and High School team beat the Kohala High School and Middle school team 50 to 35 points. Each team has allies (two robots each team) that work together to score points and prevent the opponent from scoring. The robotics class teaches engineering, math, physics, sportsmanship and science as well as hand/eye coordination. (PHOTO BY JOCK GOODMAN| SPECIAL TO NHN)</p>
<p>From left, Kaimi Hook, Fern White, robotics coordinator, and Cheryl Cabrera and Alvin Kawamoto, coaches, pose for a photo at the event. All helped produce the robotics event at Honokaa High School this past Saturday, Aug. 24. (PHOTO BY JOCK GOODMAN| SPECIAL TO NHN)</p>

Twenty-four teams from high schools throughout the island met for a robotics competition at Honokaa High School cafeteria from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on Aug. 24. There were a total of 78 matches. The next competition will be on Sept 14 in Hilo with finals in November.