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Hawaii Islands’s first publicly available electric vehicle charge station hosted by private individual

Douglas Teeple, founder of the Big Island Electric Vehicle Association, is making his Level-II charge station in Waimea available to the public, free of charge.

Teeple said he sees the need for an electric vehicle charge station in the area in order to support the growing number of electric vehicles on the island and to increase the adoption of sustainable transportation. He said that Waimea is a good choice for a charging station since it is on the route between Kona and Hilo.

Teeple said his photovoltaic solar panels produce more power than he can use, and he desires to “promote transportation

sustainability though locally sourced clean energy.” An exchange of papayas or mangoes are welcome. He said he approached the county council for support, but they did were not interested in developing a sustainable transportation infrastructure now.

Use the smartphone Plugshare app to find the station or visit The charge station is compatible with the SAE J1772 standard and can charge an EV such as a Nissan LEAF from completely empty in about five hours. The station is available day or night, accessible in an external housing.

The charge station is located on the right exterior wall near the garage door entrance. Owner accepts no liability and it is made available without guarantee of any kind, user assumes all risk in usage.