‘The Music Man’ hits Waimea

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<p>Professor Harold Hill, played by Dr. John Stover, and Marian the Librarian, played by Amy Mills, are the lead characters in Waimea Community Theatre’s 50th Anniversary summer musical, “The Music Man,” set to open Friday Aug. 2 at Parker School Theatre. (PHOTO COURTESY OF WCT FOR NHN)</p>
<p>Professor Harold Hill, played by Dr. John Stover, is accosted by the school board members demanding to see his credentials in Waimea Community Theatre’s 50th Anniversary summer musical, “The Music Man,” set to open Friday, Aug. 2, at Parker School Theatre. Surrounding him, from left, are Rick Turnbow, Jack Watson, Clemson Lam and Duncan Dempster. (PHOTO COURTESY OF WCT FOR NHN)</p>
Teen rebel Tommy, played by Bryden Jones, tries to explain his invention of a music holder for a marching piccolo player, to his girlfriend Zaneeta, played by Susan Krall, during rehearsal for Waimea Community Theatre's production of "The Music Man," coming to Parker School Theatre on Aug. 2.  (Photo by Jeff Jones, courtesy of WCT)

Pack up your keiki and bring them to Parker School Theatre for a summer evening of fun, melodious entertainment – “The Music Man” is in town.

As a kickoff to their 50th anniversary year, Waimea Community Theatre will present Meredith Willson’s popular musical over three weekends, from Aug. 2 to 18, at the Parker School Theatre. Show times are Friday and Saturday evenings at 7:30 p.m., and Sunday matinee at 3 p.m.

Director Miguel Bray said the play is “uplifting” and good for the whole family.

“It is a fun, romantic comedy with wonderful music that you can remember and hum on the way home,” Bray said.

Bray said that in celebration of their half-century anniversary, the group wanted to revisit some of their “greatest hits” over the years. He said they also wanted to find a quality musical that included child cast members. “The Music Man” was a good choice. It hadn’t been performed locally in a while so it was fresh and interesting for the audience, he said.

The musical details the plan of Harold Hill, played by Dr. John Stover, to con money from members of an Iowa town by creating a fake boy band for River City, then soliciting donations to purchase instruments and uniforms for them. Marian the Librarian, played by Amy Mills, should know that Hill is a fraud, but she is enamored by him and his success in helping her troubled young brother. Hill inadvertently falls for Marian as well, endangering his money scam and thwarting his escape from town.

Bray said that Stover brings his character to life onstage through his strong work ethic and his attention to detail.

“He is a good singer, which is what got him the part, but he is also very diligent and a hard worker in his participation in community theater,” Bray said of Stover.

Bray said that Mills is expanding from earning her place as a Waimea Community Chorus favorite into the world of theater.

“She has quite a professional background in singing,” Bray said.

Cast members come not just Waimea, but from all parts of the island – Waikoloa, Kona, the Hamakua Coast and Kohala, giving the playing a unique flavor.

John Sucke plays Mayor Shinn and Dorothy Biron plays his wife, Eulalie. Marian’s mother, Mrs. Paroo, is played by Kathleen Donovan, and younger brother, Winthrop, by Hunter Kalahiki-Armbruster. Charlee Brown plays Amaryllis, a piano student of Marian’s, and Jeff Jones plays Harold’s former con partner, Marcellus.

The school board members, who accidentally become a quartet, include Jack Watson, Rick Turnbow, Clem Lam and Duncan Dempster. The Pick-a-Little Ladies include Melora Purell, Janie Edmondson, Jada Rufo, and Rona Lee. Constable Locke will be played by Keith Vachon, Charlie Cowell by Dan Bal, and Gracie Shinn by Kealia Haitsuka. Bryden Jones plays Tommy, and his girlfriend Zaneeta is Susie Krall.

Additional River City townspeople include: Ilene Harrington, Elodia LeMay, Emily and Bruce Risley, Benedict and Ayushi Purell, Nancy Perry, Bailey Wharton, Steven Taylor, Dan Biron, Melia Van Kirk, Kyra Matsuda, Lily and Violet Duncan, Elaine Brown, Pearl Dickson, Juliette Devost, Erica Yost, Leina’ala Taylor, Joey Cootey, Anuhea Young, Jada Rufo and Sami and Kodi Edmondson.

Bray is celebrating his own 30-year anniversary with the Waimea Community Theatre. He started in 1983 as a lighting technician and is now “The Music Man” director.

“I guess it ended up a success story in that sense,” Bray said. “One thing leads to another.”

Ticket prices are $18 for adults, $15 for students and seniors 60 years and older, and $10 for children 10 and under. Tickets are available at the box office about an hour before each show. They can also be purchased in advance from cast members or from Waimea General Store and Without Boundaries in Waimea, and from Suite Possibilities in Kailua-Kona.

For more information, call WCT at 885-5818, go to their Facebook page or visit their website at waimeacommunitytheatre.org.